Bring Nature Home

We offer homeowners and HOAs a range of design-build native landscaping and consulting which we tailor to site conditions and your personal aesthetic style. Homeowners may better understand the rationale for using purely native plants by visiting “Environmental Resources” tab - learn landscapes for life!

For HOAs & homes with natural areas the Consulting section below and all of our page tabs may provide specific technical information. Or email us -


NCS specializes in designing sustainable landscapes to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to create landscapes that are beautiful, low maintenance, well-drained and provide habitat for wildlife - and sometimes food for you, too. Our design styles range from formal, highly ornamental landscapes, integrated permaculture, to more natural landscapes like prairies or woodlands. All designs are custom drawn and highly detailed, and focus on the plants, wildlife, soils and drainage features of your yard, but often incorporate hardscape structures like paths, benches, natural walls, patios, and more. Native plants in our landscapes create harmony with the environment


We will implement or install any sustainable landscaping project or plan, large or small. This may mean planting a butterfly garden, installing a rain garden, replacing overgrown or invasive plants with attractive native plants, or turning your lawn into a colorful mix of prairie grasses and wildflowers!

We can install:

  • Rain Gardens

  • Butterfly Gardens

  • Backyard Prairie

  • Woodland Shade Gardens

  • Formal Gardens using native plants

  • Groundcover Lawn Alternatives

  • Low Maintenance Landscapes


We can help keep your gardens looking their best by scheduling seasonal or regular visits to your home to pull weeds, prune shrubs or divide and transplant plants as they reproduce.

We educate all about the native plants for wildlife habitat, water quality and sustainable landscapes, if you are a public-preserve land manager, keep scrolling across our page tabs to find your project type. If you’re a homeowner or HOA member, please click the subpage tabs at left to bring nature home!

Invasive Species Control

If plants like buckthorn, garlic mustard or Japanese knotweed have a habit of showing up in your yard or gardens uninvited, we can control and eliminate these and many other problem plants for you.


HOAs (and sometimes personal residences, too) may want to tackle some of the invasive problem plants that invade common areas like detention basins and ponds, or manage drainage and erosion problems in there, but don't know where to start - we can provide you with the information you need. Using a grounds maintenance firm wantonly cutting or pulling them, often has failed, but we can help. Native buffers along shorelines solve many of these problems. We will start by visiting your property to assess the issues you are dealing with, measure and document conditions with GIS, answer questions or concerns you might have about your landscape, and help you come up with a plan for creating a more low maintenance grounds.


NCS offers 20% off January through March on site assessment, forestry consulting, native landscape design, live staking/bioengineering, native seed sowing, Phragmites brush-hogging, woody invasive species control & similar activities done in winter! CONTACT US now - or 248-513-1909


Your garden is ..a place of colorful, defiant compassion. That space is one to help sustain wildlife and ecosystem function while providing an aesthetic response that moves you.
— Dr. Benjamin Vogt