Ecological Restoration & Invasive Species Control


restoring wildlife habitats…

is what we do. Today’s ecosystems are oft-disturbed, and our job is to make them healthy.

“Ecological Restoration” is a general term that encompasses many different construction techniques and strategic approaches aimed at restoring ecological health to the land. Often, these techniques and approaches have to be customized and adapted to unique conditions, and can always be optimized using the science and practice of phenology. NCS creates stable, diverse natural communities by timing our techniques when animals and plants need them most.

While invasive species cutting and treatments are main practices (and can be done at a winter discount!), there are many practices that encompass an integrated approach. Our experienced professionals have innovated and learned these specialized techniques over many years and hundreds of projects. Knowledge from past projects informs processes during project implementation at all levels, from Project Management to Field Crew.

NCS’ range of Ecological Restoration services include:

  • Invasive Species Control - spray treatment and monitoring

  • Biomass Removal - precision mowing, hydro-axing, cutting treatments

  • Restoration + Phytoremediation Planting

  • Shoreline, Streambank, + Slope Stabilization

  • Natural Area Management - Forest management, Seasonal monitoring/maintenance, GIS and planning

  • Construction Management

  • Wildlife Habitat Structures - Rootwads, Snags, Nesting piles, Hibernaculae. Provision & Installarion

  • Biological Control

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