Why go native?

Native plants are perfectly adapted to the specific climate and soil conditions in Michigan. They have evolved to succeed for a diverse community, & feed wildlife.  Wildflowers, native grasses, shrubs & trees can provide economic and ecological benefits to home-owners & ecosystems, showcasing a beautiful blend of flowers & plants. 

From sun-exposed prairies with sandy soils or shady wetlands, there are native plant communities that will thrive and sustain wildlife habitat. Natives are used to competing amongst themselves, & will prevent weeds that overrun gardens. Once established, native plants need no maintenance; no mulching, no constant watering, no fertilizing. Unlike exotic ornamentals, natives cope with Michigan's hot summers & cold winters, providing added benefits- holding soil & absorbing runoff.

& THEY COST LESS!- NCS can install plugs & live stakes for $4-6 each, & an entire acre lot can have prairie established by sowing seed for $1-3k, compared to double those prices for even low-end ornamental cultivar gallon pors or sod.  We offer 20% winter discounts on design, live stakes, seeding, and woody invasive species control, including but not limited to: phragmities, honeysuckle, bittersweet, buckthorn, Autumn-olive, and black locust. Site surface preparation & management is accomplished through mechanical weeding, sod-cutting, smothering, herbicide application, hand cutting, mowing, and prescribed burning.

After planting establishment, these natural communities will bring wildlife back to your home. A diverse community is a healthy community. Just as the plants have evolved to the Michigan climate, our native animals have adapted to live with these plants. Native flowers benefit our pollinating butterflies, bees & other insects. The diverse communities will bring back small mammals, birds, frogs & even reptiles.  If you grow veggies, you want natives for pollination!

Beyond the enjoyment of seeing more wildlife, many appreciate the native garden for its aesthetic beauty through every season. A variety of flowers will parade through your garden, with soft greens, pink & white flowers of spring giving way to the bright yellows & purples of high summer. Even fall and winter will provide color in berries, fall foliage and structural forms.