Biological Assessment Services

NCS Provides a wide range of biological assessment services using the latest geotechnical and design technology. We can assess your needs and provide accurate analysis in a geographical and statistical context following MNFI and USFWS protocols, and then provide you with management plans and recommendations for any scope of ecosystem.

  • Vegetation inventory and assessment

  • Wildlife assessment including avian, herpetofauna, mammal, fish, and macroinvertebrate

  • Forest management and arboricultural consulting


Vegetation assessments provide our clients with the initial data on the health of their land. From quality plant mapping to invasive species control needs, this is the first step in creating a comprehensive restoration management plan. NCS staff ecologists will create management zones and/or restoration units and designate the activities needed to create a diverse natural community.  With the talent at NCS, we have the ability to pull together some incredible teams to work on botanical projects. As each project will be different, each project team will be different. In this way, we market several different sets of skills and showcase them in several different combinations. Also, we develop our staff in a way that will be inspirational and motivating to NCS, our clients, and our community.



NCS inventories, analyzes data, and provides management information and assessments of animal species and their landscape/structural and food web habitat needs from a risk perspective. The threats framework used within the action plan is described, as are the processes used to identify threat associations with landscape features and SGCN and to identify conservation needs to address threats. Additionally, priority threats and priority conservation needs are identified at all scales. NCS also supports wildlife viewing, hunting, and integrated wildlife habitat planning for enthusiasts and large land managers. We’re well equipped to assess your site’s habitat, monitor activity using cameras, GIS and drones, make a higher-quality and higher diversity deer food plot, bird garden and nesting habitat for herpetofauna. NCS can help you enjoy all of nature’s animals in more fruitful, and sustainable, ways. NCS Principal John DeLisle has over 10 years experience as a government entomologist, and we’re able to provide pollinator surveys, pollinator permaculture plans, rare insect surveys, biological control planning and implementation and other unique invertebrate services.

Aquatic Habitat Survey

We’re well equipped to assess your site’s benthos, benthic insects, hepretofauna, wetland and open-water habitat, monitor activity with boats, wadable and non-wadable streams, wetlands and vernal pools using MDEQ and MNFI standard procedures. With scientifically tested methodology, HRM provides top quality aquatic inventories and assessments for our clients. Through these investigations we are able to advise our clients as to the best action to take to preserve aquatic habitat composition and achieve project goals. 

Forests and Arboriculture

City Trees.jpg

Our certified foresters and ISA Arborists provide consulting on an individual and forest level basis to provide an accurate picture of the health and wellness of trees and ecosystems. Using ISA standards and the latest geospatial technology, NCS provides cost-effective municipal tree inventories, pruning and health care recommendations, management planning, timber sale administration, and forest management