Vegetation Maintenance

To ensure our clients receive the highest quality service and technical expertise, out team members receive continuing education on the latest and most innovative techniques, and they draw upon our experience from proven management practices. Maintaining native landscapes, including erosion controls, mulch application, irrigation, mowing, weed control, and brush removal. requires an advanced understanding of habitat restoration plans and green infrastructure maintenance best practices. With TNC, & Greening of Detroit, NCS wrote the book on it! Our ecologists work with contractors, municipalities, developers, utilities, and other landowners. Our GPS/GIS capabilities provide the most accurate and technologically up-to-date information to our clients. .NCS is certified and licensed to perform herbicide applications in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Uplands are important, too...

Upland vegetation ecosystems are important throughout Michigan. These woodland, grassland, and savanna habitats offer vital ecosystem services. They help conserve soil, sequester carbon, and cycle nutrients, energy, and water. They also provide a variety of wildlife habitat, that wetlands can’t, because they host animals that don’t use open water or saturated soils, other than for drinking. These savanna, prairie, and forest systems are most often destroyed by farming and urban development, and as Dr. Doug Tallamy rightfully points out - the critical component to conservation in the modern, urban world. We must bring nature home!