Step1- Survey & Design

Site conditions survey, designing and planting a native plant garden is what nature intended for your land. We determine what plants fit your soil, water, and natural community best. We find general soil information about your property in your county's Soil Survey guides, and document topography, hydrology, existing cover, areal extents of features, and how to integrate this data to make the conditions better in a process of drawing and composting constructable design documents. We make sure you, and the installers, know exactly how pretty it should look!

Step 2- Implement

There is a misconception that using native plants in landscapes should look like a natural woodland or prairie, which may be perceived by some as being unkempt or not maintained. However, native plants are utilized just as any other ornamental garden plant, and may be incorporated into existing garden types or even formal designs. How native plants are physically arranged in the garden usually does not impact their ecological value, and in fact - we improve wildlife habitat and visual presence simultaneously!

Step 3- Maintain

Michigan Wildflower Farm, and MO Botanic Garden, have awesome prairie savanna seeding, and native planting, maintenance guides, respectively.