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liz DeLisle

Liz is the CEO and owner of NCS, which is a SBA certified woman-owned small business. She takes charge of finance, bidding, grants, government contracting, client communications,  materials/procurement, human resources & is our problem-solver.  She has a Masters in Management from Davenport University.

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john Delisle

John, Principal Ecologist, has been working in the ecological field for nearly 20 years.  Using experience for a variety of clients, he composes concise, cost effective plans, & leads diverse teams.  He knows entomology, botany, habitat restoration design, bioretention, soil science, invasive/native species phenology, pathology, ecosystem management, & permitting.  John works with various residential, commercial, agricultural, & government clients. He studies & designs methods to amend disturbed soils, hydrology, wildlife, wetlands, oak savannas & their associated plant species.  John has degrees in ecology-related fields from MSU & U-M, & worked for 10 years as a government entomologist before starting NCS.

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Andrew is our lead Ecological Designer, with over 15 years of experience in ecology, habitat restoration design, site restoration, bioretention, bioengineering design, landscape architectural and CAD software drafting.  Andrew is dedicated to educating clients about biodiversity, vitality, integrity, and beauty of our clients' land and water resources.  Andrew's creative in his approach to design native landscapes and wildlife habitats, with degrees in literature, landscape architecture, and conservation ecology.

mike sobieski

Mike is our hardworking, conservation award-winning General Manager, with a B.S. in Environmental Science from Oakland University. Generally you can find him planning projects, surveying insects in streams, mapping forests or retention basins, leading invasive species control teams, meeting with municipal & HOA officials, training staff, performing QA/QC & data analysis, or in the woods typically working faster than companies’ heavy equipment.


DEREK UPDEGROVE is NCS' Habitat Designer, having completed U-M's SNRE Ecology program. Derek usually is writing a permit or proposal, making virtual native plant habitats on CAD, preventing deer browse, & is our primary website designer, assisting with our educational mission of spreading the good news about wildlife habitat restoration.

MELISSA MESZAROS & BOB MULLER are Biologists, with extensive aquatic ecology and invasive species specialization. They work on large and small habitat assessment, data analysis, and ecosystem restoration planning projects. They prioritize, map, & plan wildlife conservation & invasive species control projects.

STEVE TURNER is our arborist, and leads tree health assessments & care, landscape appraisals, equipment customization, plant propagation, and riparian woody habitat design/builds. He can tell you about our winter discount program!